Please support me @ Patreon!

Please support me @ Patreon

Hey guys, I’ve got some awesome news. I will join Patreon soon!

In case you’re wondering, Patreon is a simple way for you to contribute to my visual novel every month, and you’ll get super cool exclusive rewards in return! I promise, you’ll love the perks. At first sight, the following numbers may seem a bit high, but please keep in mind that of course taxes and so on still have to be deducted from me.

Patreon works with milestones and rewards or pledges. Milestones are goals that have a great impact on me and the project. I am grateful for every milestone that we achieve. Thanks in advance! The rewards depends an what level of support you give. Of course, the amount of your support can be adjusted by you at any time.

I will only create my Patreon site when I have a playable version of the game (early summer 2017), so please subscribe to my newsletter so I can write to you when it’s time. I hate spam just as much as you do and I assure you I will not abuse your trust. Thank you!

From today’s perspective, the following milestones are planned:

  • $$150: Covering monthly expensis
  • $$300: All Patrons get their names in the Hall of Fame
  • $$500: New & more models
  • $1000: Cloud-Rendering for perfect images
  • $2000: Hire a freelancer to get things done faster and so more content for you
  • $4000: Own render workstation with minimum requirements

Of course there are already plans for the fantastic rewards* per month:

  • $$$1: Access to the Patron only feed
  • $$$5: Latest game updates (bug fixes and next play-day)
  • $$10: Early access of screens, diary entries & learnings
  • $$15: Participate in surveys on development, extra materials (deleted scenes,..)
  • $$20: Name Patrons in credits, Q & A’s thread
  • $$50: Each month, pick your favorite character and I’ll render a custom full HD image and mail it to you.
  • $100: I create a pet according to your ideas and will include it into the story

*) For all rewards, the higher ones include the lower ones in a bundle.

I know that everyone works hard for their money and therefore I would like to thank all the people who still support me and believe in this project. You are awesome!

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